Дом из оцилиндрованного бревна

Brave House Projects

A 6x7-mm house with a closed terrace can be used for conversation, orange or even an additional guest room. A good home for a small family is every room bright, simple. Choices for those who categorically fail to receive close and grudge.

Total shrimp house size: 9x7mm

Total area: 91.6 m2

Veranda area: 16.7 m2

Floor plans

Under the roof:

  • a cut from a hand shirt.
  • First floor lags and blocks from the logs.
  • Red northern mos to lay in the veins of the cut.
  • Trail system and outdoors.
  • It's a cut-off.
  • Waste materials ( nails, slaughter)
  • Ruberoid.
  • Delivery to the MKAD, unloading, installation of the whole set and the ruberoid blood device.


  1. Under Brev house It is recommended that the ribbon be built. The cost of the foundation in order is 184,000 roubles. It's possible to build on the foundation of the Employer.
  2. Additional treatment of brava scobels (value 65790 roubles) or rubber (68850 roubles) may be possible.
  3. The house shall be separated from the brawn after the cut has been planted (at least six to nine months) and its value shall be calculated individually.
  4. The wall material in the shrimp house projects may be replaced by any size or cylindrovan.
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