Wooden Houses In The Lower Novel City

Cotttage Company The Zhod of Lower Novgorod offers a rich choice of country houses. We do. construction wooden Cattage In the Lower Novgorod and Lesgorod region.

In the catalogue, you'll find various projects, ranging from small summers to multi-storey buildings for round-the-city housing. Examples of projects with technical characteristics, costs and construction time are given below the page.

Our benefits.

Our company ' s main advantages are the homeworking line, the affordable cost of work, the experienced construction brigades and the delivery of facilities on time.

The work of the Lower Novgorod Land uses only the most modern methods. We're building wooden botches from profiled clay brushe and carcasal technology. Full service cycle: construction, installation of sewage, internal and external separation. The house is entirely ready for settlement. Depending on the floor and area of the house, as well as on your choice. construction technology, the average time frame for the botttage will be between 4 and 12 weeks.

Individual projects

Model projects presented in the catalogue do not always respond to the customer ' s requests. The correctly drafted project should take into account the nature of the owner of the house and meet its needs. By ordering a cattage in our company, you can adjust virtually all the characteristics of the basic project:

  • Approve internal and external processing;
  • Further warm the floor, walls and ceiling;
  • Reinforce or raise the foundation;
  • Install a hing over the porch;
  • Choose a more durable saturation for blood.

So, by contacting Zhodny Novgorod, you will acquire a country house that suits you.

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