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Construction Of Wooden Houses In Red

Company Versina Suggests small, light and compact fast-moving houses in Krasnodar and Adage, which become popular with each year. They are produced in modern technology and are being built in the shortest possible time.

The prices of prefabricated houses in Krasnodar are low and construction takes no more than a week, thanks to modern materials and installation techniques. The construction of wooden housewives is very light, so it does not require an overly expensive foundation.

A long house, size 3, 855, 3 m, built on the Rostov Rostov highway of Krasnodar.

This house was built under the key for only four days. During the summer period, such time limits are real. During the winter period, the period for the installation of the domicile may increase to 7-8 days, depending on weather conditions.

The first two turbine houses in Tbilisi Station were built in 2010. An additional four doses were then built in 2011. Owing to the need for resting citizens, 3 additional 6x6-metre houses were built in 2012. So now, on a recreational basis, 9 comfortable houses with convenience.

On a recreational basis in the Tbilisi Station, a sports fisherman and family recreation are actively developed. Dry wooden houses help as close as possible to nature, rest from urban locusts.

On Turbaza, 11 houses of 6x7 m have been built in the Republic of Adygeya.

The construction of the facility was only two months. The project is suitable for both recreational and long-term accommodation. Also, with the additional use of the consignor, the house can be permanently housed.

The value of the foundation ranges from 22,000 to 65,000 roubles depending on the type and square of the house.

Note: The construction of wooden houses in Krasnodar is key. Daughter cabins are suitable for round-trip housing.

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