Изготовление деревянных домов

Production Of Wooden Houses

изготовление домовOur main specialization is the construction of houses from a spontaneous brushe and it's not random. All over the world, it is known that the walls of the house collected from the spurted brush are optimal, engineering, estetic and environmental.

The process is cumbersome and complex, which includes many factors. Initial phase of houses It is a collection of raw materials, a steamed brushe, which requires strict quality control of the original pile. Not only are the geometric dimensions of the section and the straightness of the brush, but also the defects of the wood vices. For example, rot, tobacco bitches, colour change on visible surfaces, cross-cutting cracking. The pre-treatment bruises are formed into drying packages for special pads for subsequent drying in natural conditions.

изготовление деревянных домовNext stage Manufactures wooden houses Removal of the buoyant spurred profile. After construction on the special line, the walls of the house are dissolved on an earlier project. The process of dispensation is optimizing the spread of the brace, which is an average of 12 per cent, while non-permissible deformities are cut.

The construction of houses is further reduced to the fusion of the corners of the wall, the pads under windows and doors, etc. The finished parts are numbered and anti-septic if necessary, and a check assembly is also made.

A complete wall package as a semi-process is loaded into vehicles and the assembly documentation is sent to the construction site.

The construction of houses on this technology is referred to by the LEGO designer, where the construction crew does not use construction equipment, the construction of the house remains as part of the manufacture.

To date, the most advanced construction technology in the world is part of manufacturing, so it is highly demanded and has tremendous success.

We, as professionals, can say with certainty that it's not a problem for us, it's a pleasure, so if you've decided to trust our housework, you've made the right choice! We'll build your comfort and comfort!

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