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Projects Of Wooden Houses From Glued Brushe

Clay bruise under the key.
Despite being processed in the production of glue brushes, it retains its unique properties. Houses under key, projects and prices can be found in the group. Through the building, the material provides permanent air exchange in the house, which means that the summer is cold and the winter is warm and cozy.
During the years of construction, the brushes had been very well established, despite the complexity of the construction. The cost of construction is, however, quite appropriate. The construction project is carried out by specialists.
Brew house under keywhich has been processed has a favourable climate. Such buildings have a natural low radiation background, with positive effects on human health.
The construction of a wooden house only uses a quality claw.
Clay wood doesn't produce cracks over time, does not change the shape of monolithic design. Therefore, houses from adhesive brushes are highly practical and reliable. 50 to 70 per cent more than the whole tree structure, which increases the size of the overflights, windows, designs.
In the catalogue, you can look at houses from the glue brushe and wooden houses. We can order a low-cost house.
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