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Photo Of Wooden Houses

С льготной ипотекой россияне позволят себе покупать не игрушечные, а настоящие деревянные дома. Фото: Александра Мудрац / ТАССA literary mortgage can be provided in the purchase or construction of a tree house

With a stunning patch of roses, they won't be allowed to buy real wooden houses. Photo: Alexander Mudraz / TAS

Russia can offer concessional mortgages for the purchase and construction of wooden houses. And the land on which such buildings are planned is exempt from taxes.

These and other ideas are now being discussed directly in several federal ministries, including Minfin, minprom, minstrella, in regional executive bodies. Credit organizations are also involved. If everyone can agree, the concessional mortgage will lead to a solution to the housing problem and the second dwellings - the countryside houses and gifts - for millions of Russians.

In the first quarter of 2016, public tenants reported a sharp increase of 30-240 per cent in concessional mortgage sales. The Government ' s extended concessional programme supports the demand of the population. By analogy, a concessional mortgage on a wooden house can be credited.

Фото: EPAAs long as the mortgage market is on the banks ' demand for the bail facility, that is, the building house, the land on which it is being built is very high. If this is changed, the broad-based backup of the wooden mortgage can lead to a boom of wooden housebuilding in the country. And this is new production, tens of thousands of new jobs in the forest business, taxes to the treasury.

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This proposal is expected to be seen by the Rossians at "our." Almost 60 per cent of the village houses in Moscow province are now being purchased by mortgages. A small house is within 4 million rubles. It's enough to save 20 per cent of the initial contribution, which is 800,000 roubles, and the house can be settled. A monthly loan payment would then be approximately 40,000 roubles. It turns out that the home of the country is cheaper than the rent of a two-room apartment in Moscow.

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