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Wooden houses are a Russian classic. Currently Construction of wooden houses Very popular and demanded, because the wooden house is green, utensil, practical and, of course, beautiful. The most approximated to the classic cuts of the house from cylindrovan shrimp.

The cylindrovan wrew is produced from a whole tree, seeking the right shape of the same diameter throughout the length. It has a longitudinal (liner) paz that makes each other as sharp and as tight as possible, and a compensatory puzzle, it is a discharging stitch that helps to remove the inner wood voltage and reduce the total number of womb cracks.

  • The possibility of designing and constructing a new cylindrovan project or altering existing ready projects from our catalogue;
  • The long life of cylindrovan-based houses is known for centuries;
  • The ecology of houses from the cylindrovan womb is the walls from the tree breathing, keeping a special microclimate in the premises. The summer in a wooden house is cold, the winter house is warming up and it keeps warm. Normal humidity is maintained;
  • The cylindrovan house from the construction company " EL " produces only from the chosen healthy northern forest;
  • The exterior aestheticity - the cylindrobed houses fit perfectly into any architectural complex, and they benefit from model brick boxes. All the blues of the cut have a smooth surface and a beautiful appearance, thanks to the natural texture of the tree, the wall does not require additional internal and external separation;
  • Health benefits - houses from cylindrovan shrimp are constructed from softwood trees, all known for their purpose;
  • Rapid construction - if you order Dom from the cylindrovan wrestle from the manufacturer of the construction company EL, the building site will be equipped with ready-to-built elements, the house will only be assembled as a designer;
  • It's easy to build, if you have any skills to read the drawings and labels, the house can be assembled on its own. But we recommend that we order the services of our professional builders, that they quickly and skillfully build the house, provide a guarantee for the work done;
  • Good thermal protection of houses from cylindrovan brung - a tree has excellent thermal insulation properties (to compare, a brute diameter of 200 mm replaces a brick with a thickness of 710 mm);
  • A cylindrob house from a manufacturer is attractive at a low price - low cost is due to the automation of the production of cylindrovan wreath;
  • The possibility of making a loan is a good plus a copy of the house's worth.
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