СК ПлотниК - строит в

Cottage From The Brushe Under The Key

House baseExcess line 150x150mm in 2 series
Outside walls of the first floorPrescribed bruises 150x150 mm shore assembly
Internal walls and partitions of the first floorPrescribed bruises 100x150 (h)m of bereathing
First and Mensard floorsExcess board 100x150 (h)m with step 580mm
Black floorExcision board 20-25 mm thick
Net floor of the first floor and floorSpoken board thickness 27mm natural humidity. You can replace a 35-mm camera dryer or a 21-mm plywood, specify the cost of the supplement to the managers.
First and Mensard FloorEvrovegon of Class B stacks
Masard floor carcasExcision board 40x150mm with step 580mm
Mansard floor
Outside separation of fronts, carnips and suspensions, corners of the houseHumidity vagon
Trailer systemThe track has been completed with a cut-off of 40x150 (h)m with a 580 mm step, the stropile length has been completed from a 40x150 mm cut-off.
RabbitOndulin is brown or red. Metal tubes may be installed.
WindowsWooden with double glazing, rubber seals, furnament and cash. Standard windows 1000x1200mm, window size may be changed
Doors- Input: Metallic
- Internal and balcony (if any) filthy kits.
ConsolidationThe fields, closures and carcasses of the mansards are a Knauf 100mm or analogue, primarily for long-term accommodation. Under MPW, we recommend the warming of 200-mm base stoves.
Insulation/Vetro-ProtectionPlenty of Isospan A/B or analog(Ondutis, stasis, nanoisol, etc.)
Wood (if any)Thetiva of a probe of 100x150mm, a strip of 40x190mm, with peaches and flat ballasins
Balcony and terrace fences (if any)Straight board 30x90mm
FundationNot in value. We offer three types of foundation: It's tetanus, Swaynovinto, Lentonic. Value on request.
If the project is semi-demote, the walls. ♪ ♪
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