Строительство домов из

Construction Of Houses From Cylindrovan Brawn

Small-scale construction: summary of technology

Small-scale construction: wood houses

Wood is green material with excellent thermal insulation properties. A warm house with a wall thickness of only 15 to 20 cm can be built under the right connot. Special separation of walls is not required, because the tree is beautiful and effective in itself.

Small-scale wood technology also does not provide heavy expensive foundations, as wood is easier than bricks and a number of other materials.

With regard to the characteristics of the tree as a building material, it will have to be said that it is subject to rotting, moulding, timber and burning material. But modern means - antipirans, anti-septics - make it possible to save wood and fire, and from environmental impacts. For example, well-treated wood cannot be burned by a match.

The construction of small-sized wood houses is fast, but the building needs to be stagnated for about a year, and then sat down (the wooden house needs a natural landing).

The construction of houses from cylindrovan and bruise is under way. In the first case, the brew is used with a thickness of 180-260 mm (el, leaflet, pychta, cedre, pine). The thicker the shrimp, the more expensive the house is.

Bros with the right drying is a great construction material. Houses are constructed with a thickness of 134-204 mm. The Hungarians (whether they're from the brushes or the brews) are necessarily drinking anti-septics.

Construction of small-sized brick houses

small-scale construction of brick houses
The brick house is strong, it holds heavy loads and allows the seals to be closed. Brick doesn't rotate or interest in insects.

The small-scale construction of brick houses is most popular today. The brick walls are very warm, they keep warm in the house in the winter and prevent the heat in the house in the summer. It works in the opposite direction: if the house was just a few weeks without heating, it would take a few days to warm it up.

Compared to a tree, brick resists moderately high temperatures. It means that a fireplace or liver can be built in a brick house, inside the walls, without fear of having smoke and wires.

The small-scale construction of brick houses requires a massive foundation and the use of lifting equipment, which increases the cost of the house. Lower costs allow the construction of a penny or a SIP-panel, followed by a brick. A brick house can last 150 years.

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