Проекты домов из

Projects Of Houses From Profiling Brushes

Construction Houses from profiled brasTrev Cos provides customers with the opportunity to enjoy all the virtues of wood-based structures, data from nature itself. It's green, low heating, breathing, humidity. Practically " fast-track " from centuries-old soft forests, knowledge of the secrets and traditions of logging enable our specialists to build houses from a profiled low-cost, fully compliant GOST. A fairly wide range of company clients in Podmoskovje and nearby areas appreciated the advantages of wooden housebuilding, the price ratio and comfort ratio.

The preparation of all design elements used in the construction of pre-prescribed-brush houses is carried out in fixed conditions of the production base on imported and domestic equipment using modern wood processing technologies. This allows for an absolute identity of the profile of all the parts used in the installation of the price retention walls at an acceptable level. By ordering construction, our clients can choose a model project from a profiled brushe, for amateurs of uncoordinatedness, our specialists will calculate individual design, low-cost, and with all the wishes.

Construction of houses from probe

The home ' s functionality from a prorated bruise does not deviate in any way from manual cuts. The selection and initial preparation of the wall material are similar, the main differences are in the way of finalizing the design elements, their appearance. The process begins with simple brewed treatment to a bruise with a square or rectangular section. In addition, with the use of special wood processing equipment, it is corroborated to the size necessary for the construction of houses from a profiled brushe and the project document.

БК-01 Проект дома 8х9 м. БК-02 Проект дома 9х10 м. БК-03 Проект дома 7х9 м.
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