Строительство и проектирование

Design Of Houses From Glued Brushes

Projects of houses from the glue brushe and the dry massy brushe are being developed through a special computer program that is the property of our company and is the key component of the Wecher Industrial Technology.
Unique and efficient technologies, powerful modern equipment and a relentless process of production and construction have allowed us to automate the process of designing houses from adhesive brushes.

Проектирование дома из клееного бруса

The programme is fundamentally different from all other programme products currently used in project activities, as it has the potential of so-called objective design. With its help in the virtual space, the completion of a three-dimensional model, which represents a project from a glue brushe or a dry massiva brushe in all details, is being developed to the smallest detail.
The benefits of computer design are compressed timelines and absolute inaccurate calculations. Project home from a glued bruce or a dry brushe-massium includes a detailed description of the future set of the house according to which each element is marked. It allows for the rapid, simple and imprudent collection of the house on the building site.
You can choose a ready project from a glued brushe or a dry, profiled brushe in our catalogue, or offer your own architectural idea, which, through the Wecher programme, will become a clear profile of your future home.

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