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Decoration Trees For Home

As can be seen in the photo, trees in the garden are often planted at conversations and recreational sites.

The right places for trees in the landscape design, the perimeter of the site.

You can plant trees and handicrafts in the flower and near the flower.

Original location of trees and handicrafts in the garden

The original location of trees and handicrafts in the garden is the placement of trees in " memodels " , i.e., specially organized planting sites for trees and artisanians in construction.

The handicraftsmen in the garden design look originally at the so-called " siege prospects " (redible valley).

However, if such a vision is broad, it is " crushed " by trees and handicrafts for several species and, if narrowly, by plants along the edges such as " frame " .

Wood and handicrafts in garden design (with photo)

In each group of trees and handicrafts, plants of different shapes, different heights, different shape and colour of leaves must be present in order to give different shape to the whole composition. One of the most beautiful types of tree designs in the garden is a sharp-crossing group, where all its constituents have different shapes of crowns.

At the same time, for a special purpose, plant groups with some similar characteristics, such as a group of handicrafts with only a charcoa shape of crowns, are often organized.

Look at the photo: trees in landscape design should be balanced by other parameters: size of plants, colour of leaves and flowers, and the mutual position of these plants relative to each other.

Each group should look well from different gardens. It should therefore be periodically reviewed from all sides at some distance.

Landing of trees in landscape design (from photo)

The planting of trees in landscape design should be based on the principle of longness: from higher plants to lower, arbitrary mixing.

Light-loving plants need to be located on the southern side of the group. A long-distance landing is not only beautiful but also useful for plants: such plantings create the best conditions for all plants to be lit. Each group of decorative artisans in the garden design, like each group of trees, should be seasonal, so that it is decorational throughout the season. In order for it to be decorational and winter, trees or handicrafts must be introduced into the group with an exemplary drawing and the colour of branches, as well as hvonics. Beauty groups of trees and handicrafts that combine different age trees of one type, for example, a group of different ages.

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