район для дома на дачу

Home For Good

Do you think we'll just let you go?
A year ago, parents left the house for a few days (this is a rare event). They were supposed to be back on Tuesday. On the night of Sunday, on Monday, I went to the computer for hours to three or four. When the eyes started to bleed, closed the stack, put the cat in the bed next to him and fell asleep.
Suddenly, I was woken up by some vague sound coming from the hall. I thought it was batting our second cat. I opened my eyes in full darkness, the only window is hung up with a non-transparent curtain. The switch on the cover lamp, but it didn't burn. I put myself on the note that I have to turn a new one, and I stood up carefully to try not to disturb the cat. To my surprise, the top light didn't turn on either. I thought there was no electricity, but there was a light in the corridor.
I opened the door in the hallway, there were plenty of people. All the parent friends we're having on holidays were home, and my parents, too. Mother was in the kitchen with a friend. I asked her why we have all these people at home, and why they came back the day before they were laid. She said something inconceivable, like, "Reshilly was just about to get together with no reason, and to do so, she had to come earlier."
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