Брус для дома 8-10 хвоя

Buy A Bruise For The House

Продажа бруса оптомBrush sales

Today ' s man is increasingly horrific with his extreme urbanization and wants to be natural, fresh air, and warm concrete walls are happy to change. wooden house♪ So today there are so many people who want to buy wooden brushes and build a cozy, clean and warm house.

Wood House produces pine bars and sells them in St. Petersburg and Len regions under the most favourable conditions. We can buy a ready brace of low-value and pink, and we guarantee the quality of our sawnwood.

Bros is a few words about this lumber.

The brushe is called a chimney with a rectangular section. To date, the brush can be classified as follows:

    Structure, by:
      Massive (comprised of a whole piece of wood, essentially sharp to a square or rectangular section of the wood); Blade (comprising of separate thin-plants, lumels obtained by longitudinal spraying of braves and glued in a single brew).
    By type of profile, by:
      Normal, with a level rectangular or square profile; Profiled is the embedded parts and vials for the connection of individual braces with each other by type of sip-paz.
    By humidity, by:
      Dry bruise, dry in special chambers, not exceeding 12 per cent of humidity; Natural humidity.

Pilots are a normal and profiled form of choice

The advantage of the probe is its tighter structure in the construction of houses. The combination of the type of spas minimises the cheeks between the braces and, accordingly, reduces the cost of the comfort of such walls.

However, if a cut is to be made quickly and inexpensive, a normal barrel, unprofiled, is better suited for this purpose, as it will cost less.

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