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How Much Is The House To Build A Forum

Self-construction of the house is often as expensive as or even more expensive as the acquisition of ready housing. However, data on how much to build a house are quite contradictory. For self-sustaining construction, there is a need for knowledge, initial skills and continuous monitoring of construction. The advantage is, above all, that you're building a home on your own project, and the lack of a developed infrastructure, unlike cattle towns.

But if you were careful and well prepared for the forthcoming construction, then savings in that case could be 20 to 35 per cent compared with the acquisition of ready housing. The difference is primarily in the earnings of the developer. Therefore, by making preliminary calculations, consider not only the cost of materials and plots of land, but also the interest of the building brigade in building the house to build on their work.

Without taking into account the cost of the land area, based on various estimates, the construction of the " key " house is, on average, cost the owner between 5,000 and $2,000 per square metre. We repeat that much of this amount is for construction workers. The big companies are asking for one square metre of $500 work done. Of course, if we build a house based on limited resources, we can find a cheaper crew, but no one can handle their quality. The final cost of the facility can be reduced by construction materials.

The CIS countries are now rapidly developing the construction market, which is being borrowed from countries of the United States and Europe, where cheap private houses are developed. However, before the final choice of " boilers or bricks " , " cardboard house or wooden " , you need to know clearly all the advantages and disadvantages of each technology, as well as the cost of building a house from various materials.

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