Дом оцилиндрованное бревно

House Cylindrovan Bryo

Online calculator cylindrovan brawn is designed to calculate the number and volume of logs on the house, bath and other buildings, taking into account fronts and inner partitions. Additional calculations are made of the useful area of the premises, the number of Hungarians, the diameter and the number of wooden niggles, as well as the laying and load on the foundations.

In filling the data, please draw attention to additional information with the additional information available.

Since the ages, braided houses have been glossed by virtue, high heat and ecological purity. With the growth of individual construction, with the emergence of gasoline, foam and other modern materials, interest in the tree has not diminished. Even today, in a century of innovation and new technologies, many owners of plots continue to build wooden botches and dachas, giving preference to cylindrovan.

What's cylindrovan bryo?

The material for cylindrovan braven is usually the wood of the steam. A pine is considered to be the best relative to value and consumer quality. The cylindrical is cut off by the upper layer(s) and remains a kernel with a characteristic soft aromatic.

When the swamps are removed, the number of cracks on the bell is reduced, which significantly increases the thermal insulation of the material. After a rolling at the peatric tanks, wood shall be fed with special mixtures that protect against the external environment. Despite multi-stage processing, the tree continues to have its magnificent picture on the surface, which gives the outer face of the building diversity and elegance.

Predominances of cylindrovan brawn buildings

A cylindrovan brawn is a good alternative to a skinny brawn or a fed bra. Not only do they not yield these types of construction materials on quality and durability, but they also have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • With the smooth and smooth surface of the wood, the new house does not require decoration.
  • The shrimp is equipped with scrubbed pads carried out at special machines, which enables them to be tightly constructed at the corners of the building.
  • The installation and timing of the building can be significantly accelerated by computing and preparing a pre-complete building designer.
  • Houses of cylindrovan braves have an attractive external view and can be built in different architectural styles, from the " European " option to the traditional Russian outlet.
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