Строительство домов под ключ в

Selling Houses Under The Key

At the Pimville Cotttage, at the Kiev or Kalyuz highway, houses in New Moscow were placed under the key.

Housing buyers in the elite segment of the country ' s real estate are increasingly inclined to buy pre-prepared houses. The sale of houses at the unfinished construction stage is a source of mistrust for many, despite their perceived value. Therefore, in the Prymville cottage, which is located 15 kilometres along the Kiev or Kalyuz highway on New Moscow, only ready houses with separation and furniture are available for sale. The buyer has a choice because it is offered to sell: free-planning bolts, ready-to-houses and fancy furniture pits.

Houses under the key in the cottage are built on six author projects. One word is elegance. The cattle builders were focused on a wide audience, offering modern, original architectural details combined with non-existent classics. To speak of houses under the key, designers have carefully thought about every detail of the internal interior interface at home. The building of ready houses uses the elements of our time: bold geometric forms, ethnic patterns, richness of flowers, generous ornaments, luxury, shik, expensive modern materials. Prepared houses are furnished with furniture, which has been associated with the verb and quality of life of the Lux class for decades. It is possible to sell houses both with and without furniture, and the cost of cottage will be reduced.

Kiev/Kaluz Highway: buy a ready house. You're available in the Underwater!

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