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Village Houses Under The Key Of Moscow

IVA has been operating on the construction market since 2005 Construction of carcasses Moscow at affordable cost. We're suggesting that our projects be set up.

Planned carcasses projects

In a short time, you get a beautiful cottage that already has heating, electricity, sewerage and water systems.

This small-scale construction of carcasing houses is not affordable by using a small number of wood compared with the construction of a brushe.

The trend of building such buildings came from Europe, where they account for 70 per cent of the country ' s cottages. Today, the popularity of carcasing houses is gaining great turnover in Russia.

Individual carcasing design

With the universality and complexity of the design, the most bold architectural designs can be realized. The extent to which the architectural solution is original depends on the possibility of converting carcasses into VIP. The cost of such buildings varies from the most budgeted projects to elite housing units.

Shield housing does not have a harmful effect on human health, thanks to an excellent combination of heat and vapour. Main advantages of carcasing houses:

  • Durability;
  • Strength of design;
  • reliability;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Low cost wooden carcass house;
  • High speed of assembly;
  • ease of design;
  • High fire resistance;
  • Environmentality of materials used.

The carcas is collected from wood from different sections, which is pre-covered by various antiseptics that are harmless to human health. It is mandatory to cover wooden brass by special convoys, as this protects housing from rodents and insects. In addition, this treatment increases the fire resistance of wood and increases the life of the cottage.

The advantages of carcasing houses compared to wood buildings: long life, construction costs are much lower than other materials.

Cost of carcasing

IVA offers affordable prices for carcasing houses. We are doing low-cost construction, as the production of material is on our own production site.

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