много времени зодчие дома

Zoddy Houses

The Siberian sculptor, Sergei Bobkov, is making work from the construction - the sculpture of the beasts to the natural value.
It's just unreally beautiful.
Krasnoyar master, regular school teacher at the regular provincial secondary school. He's 55 years old, for his life, he's tried. with your hands. To do a lot of things, there was a tree cutting, a salmon, a ceramic creativity, even furniture production.
But I must have wanted something of an “exogo”, to repeat the ease and naturality of my exponents, animals and birds. If the feathers are thrilled and air, if the wool is pussy and with the thorns. The material was suddenly found, they were wearing a wood chip, first simple, then, on the basis of samples and errors, specially prepared. The normal belt is a fragile structure, and to get plastic, Sergei Bobkov came up with a wooden bun in the water for a few days. He uses mainly the kedra of Siberia, but sometimes adds to the buoy and the vein. The haircut is off, it's specially rolling, you know how it smells in the shop? The photo shows how complex his sculptures are, every feather in his place, the size and shape. In addition to being beautiful and fabulous, still as accurately as possible, the master is studying the weddings and anatomy of his orles, philins and sorrows. Sometimes one sculpture runs up to six months; the shell, for example, consists of 30,000 Worcines, and the eagle needs about 7,000 different feathers.
Sergei Bobkov says his work is a total opposite to the pupils of real, dead animals. Chuchelo is the result of death, and his string figure is a birth, a whole philosophy comes out.
The master shows his creation, but only sometimes and so far on very local scales. But his plans are big, and he hopes that in his home country he will be spotted and supported, will help to open up a fictional art center (with an exhibition room, a big shop, a hotel for the coming to study, just to see or buy something). It's a great thing to do, and Serge Bobkov knows not only everything we have but abroad, because there's something to be surprised and what to admire.
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