Производство и строительство

Village Houses Are Clawed

kleen 1The Ecostroy Construction Company is building houses from a glue brushe derived from healthy softwood by winter cooking. The prefabricated house will be minimal, so the construction phases are: from the laying of the foundation and to the delivery of the keys to the new house, our company is in short time: 3-12 months, depending on the complexity of the project.

What's a cool brushe?

In the construction market, glue brushes appeared relatively recently, but in such short periods of time, it became the most demanded element for the construction of cattle, peri-urban houses, economic, household and baths. The use of advanced technologies for the manufacture of adhesive brushes provides a minimum flow of this new material and a maximum wall thickness.

Blind bruis, unlike cylindroben, has a high degree of fire resistance. The fat boards and glue on the water basis are used to produce the adhesive brushes for high pressure glued.kleen 2 After drying, the raw materials are transformed into a solid monolithic design that is processed at high-to-point wood processing plants: special pazas are produced in preparation to ensure a given profile.

Many have been heard about the virtues of the glue brushe, primarily low cost, ecologicality, durability, high strength, functionality, fire safety, low thermal conductivity of natural material, natural humidity management within the house, etc.

The projects of wooden houses from adhesive bruises look different and different from the barren buildings, with less propensity for landing. There is no need to build a strong foundation that is sufficiently light on the ribbon to build a house, because the woodwork is much easier than stone. It's a nice brace house. Established on a ready-made basis, without pre-seting and other preparatory activities, this significantly reduces the cost and cost of construction.

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