баня из оцилиндрованного

A Calibrated Brawn House

The house of a calibrated brev has had to hear the question: what is a house of calibrated wreath than it is different from that of a cylindrovan wree, and what is its advantages and disadvantages. Explain the essence. In fact, the word " calibre " comes from firearms. A " calibrated log " is commonly referred to as either cylindrovan wreath or a common wreath having the same diameter at the top with the rest of the slaughter. In the case of cylindrovan wreath, I think it's clear, it's logged through the machines and it's completely the same. But now we'll consider the second option: a calibrated, not cylindrobed wreath.

As is the usual log, the calibrated peak has a peak (the smallest rim diameter) and a comel (the largest diameter). The cut from the most common womb is:
- There is a difference between the diameters of the peak and the mole of each brawn;
- There's a difference between the top of all the brands. For example, the diameters of the peak 180 mm, 200 mm, 240 mm.
As you've already learned, such a cut is not always beautiful, because often the shrimp is kicked out of the walls, and the house as a result is just a village, no aesthetic.

The cut from a calibrated brawn is cut from a brane whose peaks are of the same diameter. For example, between 200 and 220 mm. Or exactly 200 mm. In this case, the gap between the braven diameters will not be so large and the house will look good. So the cut consists of a brane whose peaks are almost identical, and the joints are also. But there's a cross between the top, the comel.

So, we're cleared up by the diameter of the log. What are the features of houses from a calibrated log? It may be an inferior and processed instrument, i.e., buoyant or sliphon.
An calibrated shrimp with a cow removed.
Shredded or calibrated logs were further processed with construct or sliphage to produce a brighter shade.
Usually, construction workers, when talking about a cut from a calibrated brev, they mean not only a cut from the same logic, but also a buoyant electric rod (in rare cases sliphon).

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