Элитный коттедж из клееного

Cotteji From The Glue Brushe

Коттеджи из клееного бруса

Finnish glue brushes are qualitative advantages

The Finnish glue brushe has a number of advantages that successfully allocate it to other construction materials. First, the tree from which the adhesive brus is produced is an ecologically clean product. The material itself contributes to comfort and comfort in any house.

Each pupil of the Finnish glue brushe shall be carefully treated with specialized solutions, which completely excludes the possibility of unpleasant insects in the house.

In addition to protection against insects, the solution ' s characteristics make it safe to build from the air, bacteria, mould and other parasites. All these properties prove not only the concern of the construction material producers to ensure that the person is as comfortable as possible in cottages, but also that the Finnish cage is predominantly qualitative and strong as compared with other construction materials.

Cattegi from the glued brushe is the story of creation

Cotteji from the glued brush was originally created by model maquets and, in fact, was considered home for peasants. The removal of the two areas by the construction of the second floor allowed the first floor to be used for active driving and the second to be assigned to the recreational area accordingly.

The first cottages from the glue brew came up with the finals. With excellent technologies, the construction of different scales using glued brushes has become possible today. The special system and method of producing the brushe allows even in the long operation of the building to prevent cracks on wood walls.

With the heavy strength of the adhesive bruce, no load will damage the construction, nor will such structures be seduced because all the flames are subjected to careful drying, so the moisture content does not exceed 15 per cent. In addition to the above, cottages built From the glue bruise, it's very good to withstand sharp temperature changes and, by its noble species, it doesn't require any further separation.

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