план дома 7х9

Brew House Planning

To bring to your attention our projects of houses from the brushe or the womb. Any project and internal planning of the house (bany) can be altered or completed at the request of the customer. This applies to inner partitions, windows and doors.

Partitions in the house can be both 150x100mm, 150x150mm and steak shields inside or without the conveniencer. Under the brushes, the foundation (lentonal or tetanus) must be built. Protective partitions don't have to build a foundation. Partitions in the house can be combined, can be made on the first floor of the coward, on the second board. You can make them different on the same floor. This will reduce the cost of the project or the overall weight of the building.

First of all, we need to decide which and how many rooms you have in your house, their size and purpose. How many windows and where. It's important to see where the stairs are on the second floor. You can't forget the doors. It's important to think about it before construction begins. Our carpenters do different planning options. To calculate the house order, bathe, contact our phone managers, or all the information and wishes, we may be sent to the post: info@, including drawings, possibly from hand, a description of the idea.

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