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Order A Ready House

One of the first options for fast-moving houses in our country should be listed as graduated cottages, the main material of which was cylindrovan, profiled or clawed. Most of the elements of these buildings were located at the site after they were pushed to each other in a production workshop. As a result, the mounting crew required a qualitative and technologically correct collection of components in strict sequence. The quality of such a house depends on wood, treatment, adhesion, etc. The smallest lack of technology often leads to serious changes in the geometry of the home and, as a consequence, numerous refinements.

Brewery and brushe houses and now have their adherents. However, many of their operational parameters, as well as a fairly high cost, do not accommodate a large proportion of potential developers. What is the modern alternative to a tree? In the Western world, prefabricated houses from the sandwigs have been extensively constructed for decades, and in recent years we have become quite popular.

What is SIP-panel?

The name of the product is the abbreviation of the English expression Structural Insulated Panel - " Design thermal insulation panel " . Today, in every region of the Russian Federation, dozens of companies have mastered the production of domiciles from SIP-Panels, offering them in many standard types of equipment with original parameters. As a result, consumers can order both the construction of ready houses from SIP panels and use them to create separate building construction units.

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