готовые деревянные дома цена

Prepared Wood Houses

New City Company " Dashkaya Strait " (M. Pestovo) offers its services for the construction of wooden houses from a classic dry-protected brace (built or obsessed by a client) to the MoscowSaint Petersburg and other North-West and Central regions of Russia♪ The construction of houses is " key " of any bruising options - 100x100, 100x150, 150x50, 150x200, 200x200 et al.

The basic services of our company are:

  • Construction of wooden houses from the key bar;
  • Build houses for type and individual projects;
  • Production and manufacture of bruising houses;
  • The sale of prefabricated prefabricated houses.

Our work in 2012-2015

What is the price of the cut? The cost of building a wooden house depends on the project, the area of construction used by the sawnwood. But we are sure to tell you that with our help, you can build a low-cost house. Our logistics enables us to offer democratic prices.

Indicative prices for wooden houses from dry-protected braces can be found from our consultants. If you're interested in model projects, the cost will be calculated immediately. When you order a project, you can only learn the estimated cost of construction, but you can be sure it'll be cheap.

If you decide to buy a ready house from the brushe, you'll save a lot of money. All projects have already developed: project documentation, rooms, materials, etc.

You have the opportunity to order a house built on your personal project. Of course, such buildings will be more expensive. This is due to technical factors and individual requirements of the customer, but often prepared Brush houses Nothing worse than the individual project.

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