Сколько стоит дом из бруса

How Much Is The House From The Brushe

сайдинговая облицовка

Brew wall

There is a general awareness of the characteristics of the tree plant to positively influence the mental state of the tenants, absorb toxic substances, and automatically maintain the humidity of 45 z-55%.

Known popularity wooden house building Our fellow citizens are predetermined by the practicality, healthy atmosphere and the traditional nature of housing from a real tree.

The building warehouses can see cross sheets of sections 120x120, 150x100, 100x100, 150x150, 180x180, 200x150, 140x140, among which the highest difference is 150x150, because it has the optimal balance between structural parameters and the technological nature of the assembly determined by the number of horizontal barrels and the affordable price.

It should be mentioned that, since recently, there has been a clear increase in the demand for spontaneous, inter alia, profiled, leaf bruises, which are different (compared with raw brushes) with significantly reduced sludge, as well as heightened adhesives, constructive and thermal insulation. The only minus that prevents the mass use of glued brushe material is its appreciable value, which is, however, over-compensated by its extended life.

Normal arrangements for mounting a house from a brushe:

  • At the beginning, on the pelvis, stowed with hydro-protection foam, on the walls, a viscous vein shall be placed in a sip in the corners and in the intercommunity partition areas.
  • In order to keep the doors and windows in shape during the drying of the brushe house, the end-to-door niches are vertically circumcised by the " scattered " , the brushes. In this case, the thorns of braces are cut off by a trapeciprocity to which they are wearing, by means of a retaliation called profiled braces. Over the windows and doors, there are technological cheeks that are stored with linojut or fibre-optic material.
  • In order to tie the brushes of the adjacent rows, nagueli is used - rounded wooden inches with a diameter of 30...40 mm, which are mounted with no effort in the three veins of tunnels, with a step of 0, 3-0, 4 m., often overwhelmed with large nails (250-300 mm) with a vertical cranial in the last bush.
  • In the construction of the walls, the brushes shall be emitted by a contiguous contour (voila, linwatine, foot, jute, lnnojut, packles) which, one year later (or when the wood humidity rate reaches 12 z15 per cent), will have to be redevelated to reduce heat loss through intervenant clashes.
  • The selection of the separation materials should take into account the periodic movement of wooden walls and, when the non-plastic plating plates are fixed, such as hypso-artone, relinquish the rigid connections with the brushe wall, with the help of the bushed buffer guides.
кладка из бруса монолитный железобетонный фундамент деревянное перекрытие кровля из профнастила
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