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Order A House From The Brushe

Once agreed, we'll make a construction contract. An example of such a contract you can download from the site. On the designated date, we will download all the necessary material to build a house on your project on our cargo transport. Then the car, as well as a light vehicle with a team of our builders, will go to your station. The slave will have all the necessary documents for signature.

Payable order: We're not taking money with you in the negotiation process. The first payment you make only after you have traveled to your section of the building crew and all the necessary material. It is 65 per cent of the total signed contract. A second payment of 35 per cent should be made after completion of the construction and signing of the facility. Many construction companies operate under this scheme, and it reduces the risks of both sides.

Dates Construction of a brass house Depending on the complexity of the project and the weather conditions. At the time of construction, the building crew will live on your precinct. If you don't have the opportunity to provide the builders of nights, we'll bring a 4x2, 3 (value: 25,000 roubles). After construction, you'll have it.

Over the years we have already built a large number of wooden houses in many corners of the Centre and the Northwest of Russia. Wetted production of probes, time-tested professional building staff and reasonable prices♪ This site is a window of our services. Thanks to him, you can look at home projects, basic equipment, relevant prices and construction reports.

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