Проект дома Светлана

Cotteji From The Brushe

Many people dream of their own cottage, a place that will be a real home for the whole family, will be perfectly adapted to a comfortable life, and also be ecologically clean, enjoyable to the Territory.

The White Truck Construction Company proposes the construction of a brass cottage, one of the most profitable and attractive constructions to date.

Broustage projects

The brushes have many advantages over other types of construction. First of all, it's very beautiful houses. Bros is an attractive material for any man, because we all find wood warm, cozy and homemade.

But the main thing that gives you a bottage building from the brushe is an amazing microclimate inside the house. Wood is natural, ecologically clean, material that is useful to human physical and spiritual health. In addition, many tree species have added value.

The construction of a barbed cottage has several features:

  • Firstly, such structures are undergoing a period of landing. The doors and windows are therefore left behind and the final stitching and heat and hydrosulation shall be carried out only after the end of the landing period.
  • There must be a seal between the braces, and the stitches will be configured after the stitch.
  • As a result of the planting, it is recommended to build brushe bolts from winter wood that accelerates the landing process.

Predominances of cottage from brushe

In addition to the green and attractive constructions already mentioned, construction Core cottage has several other advantages. For example, such designs are highly rigid, excellent thermal insulation characteristics, and low house construction costs. This is particularly relevant for those people who prefer natural style and leave the outer and internal walls virtually without separation.

In addition, wood drip bruises are closed in a special way to guarantee additional protection of the house against adverse atmospheric events.

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