Кто за всем этим стоит?

We Build Houses From The Brass

The house from the brushe is an excellent way to build a country house. By beauty, the brushes don't compare to any other construction material. And the microclimate inside the brushe house will be perfect for health, because the tree is 100% natural, clean material.

Any house from the brass must pass the 1-2 year. Only then can the house be stacked and warm-, ferry-boat and hydrosulated. Walls and partitions Construction of brass houses shall be carried out from the braces connected to each other at the height of the wooden niggles. There's a seal between the braces. The angles are collected with the use of the schip. Cylinders shall be mounted on a number of braces and shall be secured by self-resistance. Over time, the house from the brushes sit down, and the stitches are congotten. The free length of the walls of the house is desirable not to exceed 6 m in order to avoid the passage of the wall.

Since the construction of the brushe houses gives rise to siege, the doors and windows are left behind.

Construction of a broth house has a number of advantages

  • attractive appearance;
  • Environmentality;
  • High structural rigidity;
  • good thermal insulation characteristics;
  • Significant savings in external and internal separation.

I would also like to point out that, in the processing of the tarp, the tarp covers wood capillaries, which provides additional protection against atmospheric impacts. Brew house It is desirable to build a " winter " forest that is more rapid to land at home.

We don't use glue brushes when we build brushes.BRU1.jpg Its price is too high, which is not so much advantage in the process of exploitation as high cost of production. Dishel and more efficient building a carcasing house, or comforting the existing brushes.

Privacy Construction of brothels We're using a buoyant and unbuilt square brushe. Through the square bruise section (150x150 mm) the further landing of the house occurs evenly and the bruising is not bending.

The mansard floor of the house from the brushe is made from carcasian wooden structures. Between the roof and the interior fitting of the mansards, the conveniencer is laid.

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