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From The Womb

Doma from Nature construction from braid cuts. The construction of the works is done on traditional technologies using modern materials. I don't think anyone's gonna be able to argue that the most lofty and organic part of the good precinct would look like a barbed house. The barbed is different from the usual structures and time that many rightly call the " scapula " . The brewery house is a real beautiful, warm and comfortable suburb housing that can be operated for a year round when heating.

We offer the low cost of constructing " key " for both the ready and your individual projects. The barbed cut of such a long house is prepared in advance at the factory, after which it is delivered to the site and meets for several days. The high rate of wooden production seriously reduces the price of their construction than our customers are pleased to use. In doing so, the construction uses an extremely high-quality tree selected and processed on the modern production line.

The prices of wooden fruits from the logs may be higher than the construction of similar sizes from other materials, such as brushes or gasoline. However, it must be borne in mind that gas-bedetone and brushe walls require serious work on the separation. not cheap material - Eurovagon, blockhouse, plastic panels, et cetera. Together with the removal of these domes, there are almost always comfort activities. At the same time, the value of the construction of the key gift will be final. The brewery day house looks great inside and outside without any separation. In addition, the logic used as wall material is characterized by excellent thermal insulation and is being processed by ad hoc convoys, which allow it to remain in the original form for several decades.

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