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Disein's Home From The Womb

дизайн интерьера деревянного домаThe wooden house in today's performance is the standard of heat, home covet, and untimely beauty. Atmosphere in such a place has rest. In an environment of walls, natural natural material can be fully relaxed and enriched by the charm that produces the tree. This clean material gives all its good, warm and aromat. The worms want to inhale deeper, which gives the opportunity to feel the power of nature and to dwell into the world of comfort and comfort.

To give the house more charm and cozy will help designers. Nature inspires them to the arts, resulting in interesting interiors. Drevesin is a material that is great in combination with metal, glass, rock and many separate materials. As a result, create individual interior design Not that hard. Designors offer many options for your choice.дизайн интерьера деревянного дома You can play with color and shape - make the walls flat or leave the cylindrovan brus in natural form, arc or rectangular, use the tree of light or dark tones. Next, it's for designers who, using their knowledge and experience, will help create a unique interface and underline the good taste of the owner of the house. But for starters, we need to figure out the room style.


This style is just created for those who appreciate the simplicity. The main features of the upgrade are big windows, light tones, single-ton compact furniture, lots of room space. All this contributes to the use of natural refreshment to the maximum. Such an interrier is simple and inextricable, but at the same time sophisticated. The modern room will welcome you and your guests.

дизайн интерьера деревянного домаScandinavian style

Scandinavia is a country where very developed and popular Construction of wooden housesthat's why the scandals are the best in their design. Their style is a simple and rational combination of the most common things. The interior of a wooden house in Scandinavian design implies the existence of bright paints that are harmoniously combined, many lights and simplicity. Remove the interrier, give him more paint will help the elements of the decor. This situation would be a pleasure for the master and all his residents.

Classical style

It's a perfect option for those who don't like redundancy, but rigour. Village house It is carried out exclusively by natural materials, which further underlines the beauty of the tree. Furniture is only clear, single-ton, no extra detail. Such a style highlights the veracity and vigour of the masters.

дизайн интерьера деревянного дома дизайн интерьера деревянного дома дизайн интерьера деревянного дома дизайн интерьера деревянного дома
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