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How To Make A House Out Of The Brushe

Everyone knows that the construction season begins in April and ends by October. What about being in the winter? Waiting for spring summer months again? In fact, the construction of houses from the brass and the wombs is being carried out roundly.

In this article, we refute the myth that winter cannot be built.

(1) First question of the foundation. Usually. Brew or Brew home They do. Websites - this form of foundation has proven to be on the best side or the underlying foundations.


This type of foundation has proven to be very good in various soils (sand, glina, sludge) with elevated groundwater. It can also be performed at any time of the year. The house can be built on such bases the following day after the installation. Houses on these foundations are worth a lot. The technical features of this form of foundation allow, after the removal of the cut in the basement of the foundation, to make the bulk of the technological openings of the " products " , resulting in greater inflows of air under the house and thus a subsoil in a wooden house to become dryer and not subject to intense rotation. Also, technical openings for communication are more comfortable. The building blocking of the bases makes it possible to keep the space under the house and the outside looks harmonious. Swayno-synthesized foundations are also made where heavy equipment cannot be compromised or trees interfered. In the budget, this foundation is cheaper than at least 50 percent of the ribbon.

Lento foundation:

Do you say how to do a deck, dig a tranche during the winter? If the freeze is not lower than -20°C, the land usually freezes 20 cm and then dry land, usually trenches at 70-90s. The deck is done in the trenches and, if necessary, closes from the snow. How do you say we put concrete in winter? Now in winter, they're adding to concrete special winter batons that "heat" concrete when it's clotted, it's 2-3 days long enough and concrete's coming up and he's not afraid of any freeze. Usually, the concrete is flooded at a temperature not below -10 -15C. And we're ordering up to -20C in concrete, with supplies. After 10 to 15 days, the house can be slaughtered.

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