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The House Is Cheap

With a combination of attractive performance and affordable prices, the construction of houses from the Penobeton in Moscow and Podmoskovier is becoming an increasingly popular solution. In particular, the cost of foaming cattle is on average two times lower than the construction of a brick or wooden site of the same area. In addition, the use of this material has other advantages:

  • Insulation quality♪ The structure of the material shall ensure its low thermal conductivity and good noise. There's warm and comfort in the rooms of fountain houses.
  • Lower costs. The construction of a foam house allows the use of relatively light foundations.
  • Accelerate construction. One foam is 14 bricks. This significantly simplifys and speeds the lining by allowing the building of the foam house within the shortest time frame.
  • Environmental. Penobeton is a non-toxic material that is perfectly safe for use as loaded walls and inner partitions.
  • Duty♪ The material is highly resistant to atmospheric impacts. In addition, foams are not afraid of mushrooms, insects and rodents.

Proceed the construction of foam houses in STROD

STRODE DOM offers you to order professional services for the construction of foam houses in Moscow and Moscow province on favourable terms:

  • Interesting prices. Streamlining of business processes ensures the optimal cost of construction for consumers.
  • Observance of deadlines. The rich experience of successful implementation of the most difficult projects has allowed us to guarantee that the time-frames for construction are met.
  • Licensing. CompanyBACKGROUND" has all the necessary tolerances of the PRA.
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