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Ready Wooden House

The process of producing cylindrovan shrimp includes the stigmatization of the shrimp and the application of a uniform cylindrical surface throughout the length.

All products are produced according to TC 5362135-08-2006 and sanitary epidemiological certificates.

The high precision of the manufacture avoids the normal logic in the mandatory sequence of the comel to the top and their petty subtle to each other.

Bells are less deformed in ageing. And because of the same diameter and high quality of surface treatment, cylindrovan shrimp does not require any further acuteness.

The ocylindrob is a technician and requires a minimum of manual work in the construction of the house, as it is going on the designer. All necessary preparatory operations shall be carried out at the plant, in particular the manufacture of veins and mounting peppers.

In addition, products such as profiled brushes, fason cylinders, deck, brushes and all types of lumber are added to the existing modern equipment complex.

It should be noted that Mega-Stroy has developed a process for the manufacture of cylindrovan shrimp with a width, depth and profiling of an installation paza that allows build houses for round-trip housing, given low winter temperatures

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