из бревна ручной рубки

Wooden Houses Red

Quality construction Clay bruise houses

It's a good way to deal with its purpose. Houses of glued material are guaranteed long enough to welcome the owners warm and cozy. Construction of mitten houses For a long time, our specialists have been trained, every corner of the new house will be driven by the necessary technology, all the confrontations will be finished, and the walls are treated with anthygot. ?Строительство дома из сруба под ключ Our company ' s builders know the right technology to lay the foundation under such structures. And this is just a few of the virtues of the work of the Uni-Rem-Stroy builders, the rest, as well as discounts, proposals, new ideas and materials, every client can find out by simply dialing the Uni-Rem-Stroy.

Construction of a key-cut house

Probably a little of the city's people who didn't want to start. Construction of a house from a cut in Krasnodar♪ It doesn't matter, a big man was born in fantasy or 2-to-two with a bath next door.Строительство домов из бруса в Краснодаре Our designers and craftsmen will help not only determine, but also quickly realize the dream. Construction of a long house under the key in months? Easy! Could there be a two-stage mansard and veranda for dinner in the air? Let's do it. It's a green house, it'll be perfect to raise a baby or grow up beautifully. And in this house, it's nice to have guests or read the fireplace, a real Russian house with a real Russian soul! Have you ever fallen in love with a natural tree and good modern technology? Then hurry up! Beautiful wooden houses at a great price for a great customer.

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