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Construction Of Mosquito Houses

деревянный коттедж


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We're building cottages from the following materials:

The construction of cottage, like wooden housebuilding throughout Russia, is undergoing its second birth.

The more small-scale cottage construction is under way, the more consumer demand for the most green material is wood. Cottegis, under the key of the glue brushe, as well as windows from the tree, become popular with those who choose to make quality, comfort and comfort.

Privacy Core-construction benefits glue bruis

  1. More than usual wood.
  2. There is a minimum height (1.5 per cent to 2 per cent).
  3. Prepared from the sample wood.
  4. It has high artistic, esthetic and decorative qualities.
  5. The use of adhesive wood significantly increases the life of the facility.
  6. Elevated sound-insulating properties.
  7. When humidity changes, it does not change its shape.

Rosbros company

Bottoms built from the glued brushe are highly robust and practical, which will save the cost of maintaining the house in good condition.

  • Savings!

The construction of a clawed cottage significantly reduces the cost of separation and reduces the construction time to 3-6 months.

  • Environmental!
  • Comfort!

Tree houses comforts, high noiseproof insulation, beautiful both inside and outside.

  • Unlimited opportunities!

строительство коттеджей в Нижнем НовгородеThe construction of houses and cottages from the glue brus can be carried out in any season. Our material allows for any architectural solutions.

Cotegi - list of services

  1. Development of a complete set of working documents for the future keyboard.
  2. Preparation of a land area - geodetic and engineering and geologic research necessary to develop a draft framework and to address the issues of connecting the cottage to external engineering communications.
  3. Work on the foundation of the cottage.
  4. Preparing a set of wooden parts of the house from a glued brushe.
  5. The wooden part of the cottage (brush) from the claw.
  6. Sex structure, inter-stage closures, propile systems.
  7. In-house engineering.
  8. The cottage was covered.
  9. Installation of window and door blocks.
  10. Installation of inter-ethnic stairs.
  11. wing device, balcony terrace.
  12. Device of fire and smoke pipes.
  13. Designing an intern design.
  14. Internal and external separation work in the building.
коттедж в 3d вид сверху Разработка генплана участка и малых архитектурных форм.
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