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House Of Construction

On 13 and 14 April, 198 housing units were destroyed as a result of massive forest fires, including 81 houses burned in Chit and the suburb. Immediately after the poem, the President ordered that the burnt houses be rebuilt, all to one. Of the total number of affected families, 37 stated that they wanted to purchase an adequate housing, the rest of the houses were being rehabilitated from scratch, from the foundation to the roof. Construction under personal control Vice-Primere of the Government of the Russian Federation

Equity on Americans

The contractors were made exclusively by local companies. Initially, 22 construction organizations were involved, and three were finally selected, but for a number of reasons one left the project.

" It is difficult to deteriorate -- the responsibility of the vast, time-consuming, all objects must be surrendered by 15 August, and the victims must travel to their homes on 1 September. The remaining contractors have six subcontracting organizations, and two firms are engaged in the construction of infrastructure: heat, electricity, boiler and so on. In one village by 15 September, we have to launch a heating system.” Chief Engineer of the GKU " Single Customer Service " of the Zabaykal Province of Constantin Vjlov

Construction materials are also mostly produced in Zabaykalje, another case that they have to be transported from other regions - cement, paint, pipes, metal, which also significantly increases the cost of construction.

Photo: AIF/Tatiana Belokosyvalovarsal rooms are rehabilitated in four different technologies. The first is sip-panel. Such houses are built only in Alec Zavod and the village of Bazanovo Alec Zavod district. Previously, the burners were outraged, praying, such buildings were not for the Zachal winter with a 40-a-degree freeze. In the government, however, the provinces believe that these structures are appropriate for the region ' s harsh climate and lead to the example of... Americans, they built a research station in the North Pole of Spaniel.

Several dozen houses under Chita are built from gas cell blocks, the thickness of the wall of 60 centimeters, plus a brick, as well as internal separation. The third technology is the heat blocks, two concrete stoves between which the layer of foam polystyrene. The wall ' s width is 35 cm, the base load is less than the gas-tight blocks, and the thermal characteristics do not deviate from other construction materials. The same houses will be located in the village of Kazanovo Shiliki district. Fourth part Houses built It's from a glued brace. It's one of the most expensive technologies, but these houses are being built in three days. It looks like a child-built designer, ready houseworks, with notes, proms. Such houses will be located in the village of Ukurei of the Chernobyl region.

Photo: AIF/Tatiana Belokozov

Difficulties of transport

In the localities, the province has a practically precise construction on the previous land plots of 4, 6, 10 houses. It's where ordinary houses are built with sad heating. And only in the Chitin area where dozens of houses were burned down in the village of Smolenka, Zabaikalec, in the neighbourhood of the Good and several Day Cooperatives, the province ' s Government has allocated a plot of land for the village of Smolenka (approximately 25 km from Chita), where a new, fully well-built crop for the burners is being rehabilitated.

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