Construction Of Brothels

The profiled bruise is unique to building the house. Houses of this material are easily and quickly collected, as all the details are prepared in advance at high-precision stations. The existence of a strictly defined form (profiling) and surface processing offer great opportunities to simplify the construction process. The same way, from the finished parts, is used in the construction of a probe bath.

What's with the material?

Any wood has a natural texture that is retained even in processing. In addition, the tree " breathes " through a decent structure, which provides a healthy and healthy microclimate in the room. The profiled brushe has several features:

  1. Environmentally clean and safe material produced from wood. The absence of glued parts is a guarantee that temperatures will not be allocated to the room due to overfalls.
  2. There's no scattering of the mass, so the wall will be flat.
  3. The construction of houses from profiled braces takes about one to two months, without requiring external or internal separation, to process trees sufficiently in protective form.
  4. Village houses are easily warmed up in winter and kept cold in the summer, they will be comfortable and comfortable.
  5. For construction of a barbed house There is no need for a strong foundation. There's enough swain-law to hold the walls easily. Accordingly, the construction of the housing facility will be more cost-effective.
  6. The use of the natural drying brushe will require a minimum landing time.

Technology compliance - quality assurance

The construction of houses from a profiling brushe is carried out in several stages:

  • Building the foundation. After the installation of the superstructure, i.e. the foundation, the walls, the roofs, it takes about 6 to 12 months to keep the building up. During this time, the house is vertically planted, the walls leave excess moistures that will affect the walls and the separation materials. As houses from profiled bruises are built without carcasses - based on wooden niggles - the landing process is evenly taking place, the content does not contain condensate that may lead to rotation.
  • Sex, walls and their warming and hydrosulation. The construction site collects a cut, with its thermal insulation of modern materials in a timely manner.
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