Construction Of A Wooden Brothel

Деревянные дома

Project Development Price

Designer services:

1. House escrow project (fasad, home plan) of 3,000, 00

2. Eskis project at home (fasad, plan, foundation, roof, main mounting units, view of house in 3 D)

detailed estimates attached to the project 12,000, 00

Construction Price

Construction of the house with material and price per square metre.

Brousse House Деревянные домаBlack version m2 8,000, 00 Net (without heating) m2 16,000, 00 Prescribed bruis Black version m2 12,000, 00 Net (without heating) m2 17,000, 00 Red House m2 18,000, 00 House of cylindrobed brawn Black version m2 11,000, 00 Net (without heating) m2 17,000, 00

Wooden houses

Деревянные домаToday, in a century of new technologies, discovery, when new forms of architectural structures are emerging that affect human imagination, new construction materials that are not cheap, we still turn to the natural material that is wood. This is construction. wooden houses In Krasnoyarsk, despite the stereotyped cities of concrete glass, there is a great demand today. It's the tree that stays for us the only material that's always gonna be out of fashion, out of bias. Maybe because it was the first to use a man for “capital construction”. The tree is not dangerous for humans because it lacks artificial additives. On the contrary, this material has positive energy. The natural paint of the tree helps to create a sense of warm home. Much of this is due to the increased interest of a modern man in building houses from a tree.

Prophed brushe is his advantage

On this day, the most demanded wood can be regarded as a profiled brushe. In Krasnoyarsk, the popularity is unusual, and there is universality, practicality, excellent appearance and appearance. affordable

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