Два варианта самостоятельного

Prescribed Braces

If you decide to build a house from a profiled brushe, you may be congratulated on making a reasonable decision. Wood housing has a number of undeniable advantages. It is rapidly erected, environmentally safe and gloriously maintained heat, thus allowing significant savings in heating. Many can afford to buy it because the cost of a house with a probe is lower than the price of a brick.

The successful construction tax is a good project. It may be bought or commissioned by Rous Style, which is responsible for leading positions in the domestic market for low-cost construction of wooden houses, including from a probe, and whose cub prices are affordable for many. The latter is produced in modern production from valuable tree species.

We're offering you a 195x195-mm probe.

We have the lowest cost of the brushe on 1 November 2015.

Profiled brushe: wall kit under project

- 195x195 mm

Length: 6 metres

12,000 roubles/m3

Our benefits.

At your service, there is a lot of choice of marketed best model projects of houses from a profiled brace from a producer that can be bought at a very low cost. Each of them is presented in a catalogue photo and has a detailed description that will help determine the preferred model.

We are also willing to develop a cost-effective individual project of a quoted brace from the producer of any difficulty.

The third option would be to refine what was presented in the catalogue. Our specialists will take all your wishes into account.

In addition to development projects of wooden housesthat everyone can buy, our company is building them under the key of a low-cost, profiled self-producing brushe. We're always going to meet clients, and that's why we're selling credit, as well as disbursing the payment.

Cost-effective housing from a probe from the producer (the price per cub is minimal) will have the following values:

  • Greenness,
  • high sound and thermal insulation,
  • strength,
  • Aestetic appearance.
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