Строим дом из профилированного

Building A House From A Profiled Brushe



Of all the materials on the market, we chose a profiled brushe as the main material for the construction of extra-urban houses. And now we've been building houses for over 20 years from a profiled brushe.


  • Short timelines. The construction of a house with a profiled bras can be done at any time of the year.
  • Houses of profiled brushe have a very attractive and aesthetic view.
  • The construction of a cottage of profiled brushe will allow you to enjoy the beauty of natural and clean material.
  • If a well-preserved Brew is treated with decoration, its life will increase several times to at least 100 years.


The profiled bruise is a new generation of construction material, unlike the usual brushe, it is equipped with a sipp-pas system. This allows for short-term construction; house built The profiled brushe has excellent performance characteristics. For example, brothels are resistant to natural factors and long-term exploitation.

Dry-protected brothels have excellent thermal insulation properties and are almost not susceptible to landing, and the material has an affordable cost to make it widely available in construction.

The countryside and day-to-day houses from the profiled brushe will be perfect for people who want to dispose of their resources correctly, while at the same time creating comfort for life in nature and harmony with it.

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