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Blind Drafts

A man is really resting and gaining new strength only in nature, enjoying fresh clean air. Russki Steel offers its customers a full range of services for the construction of houses from a glued bed for recreation and living outside the city. The material is environmentally clean and solid, which is why they are so popular.

Houses of adhesive brushes performed on our project have excellent thermal insulation properties that are several times higher than those of concrete and brick walls. That is why the buildings from this material have been so popular in countries with severe climates: Russia, Norway, Finland, Canada, Sweden.

3. In one or more floors; 4. in different styles, from the shale to the traditional Russians; 5. with individual design.

The main focus of the company ' s work is the construction of houses from glue brushes and other woods and their subsequent construction, until the key turns. We list several reasons why we should choose to cooperate:

  • Only professional architects with a lot of experience in this field work with glue bruising projects.
  • We take into account the wishes of every client, from small design details to the style of the whole building. However, when a wooden house project has been established from a glued brushe, the customer may control the process and make adjustments. As a result, it remains fully satisfied with the outcome of the work.
  • Order wooden houses You can get a little bonus in the form of a discount.
  • We provide guarantees for all materials used in construction.
  • We're creating projects, both elite mansions and cottages from a cool economy-class brus. In any case, we can state with accuracy that your home will be unique and irrepetitive.
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