Дом Примула


The short time frame for the construction of Zodchema has been achieved through the use of perhaps the most modern wooden housekeeping material, a glue bruis. Contemporary bath from a glued bruce is ready for operation in a few days. The company produces the brushes on its own production lines, which ensures the quality of the product. Today, Zhodchi is providing a wall set of claws with a guarantee of up to 23 years. However, the use of this material not only reduces the construction time (in particular because the glued brushe is almost unplanned) but also extends the life of the entire building. The flaws of wood, such as cracking and boxing, weak resistance to environmental factors and insects, are virtually eliminated in the adhesion.

It's true that a glued brace had a significant disadvantage - high cost. This material is now considered elite. However, literate design, self-stimulated production and large round-the-circuit construction allowed " Socid " to set affordable prices for wooden baths from glue bruises.

" Zodci " provides common quality standards for both elite and low-cost production. We guarantee:

  • High quality of manufacture and assembly;
  • affordable prices for baths from glue bruises;
  • Use of safe material only;
  • a transparent system of work and understandable terms of the treaty.

Today, in the Zhode Line, dozens of brushe baths are from relatively low-cost (and even cheap) model, to elite, custom-made. The most popular bruise baths are presented at the company ' s exhibition sites in real value. Here, the collected wooden baths from the cool brushe can be seen, touched, assessed possible panics, selected and bought that bath you'd like the most.

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