Of Which To Build A House Of Low Cost

3S1A6980.jpgIn Dagestan, we met Mamed Abasov, representing this republic in the State Duma. I think anyone who's interested in politics may have heard that name, even though Abasov's not a famous athlete, an actor, and not a frequent guest of television shows. It's just a Mamed Magaramovic man. For example, on the network, you can find information that in only three years of active parliamentary activity from Abasov, more than 40 pieces of legislation have been submitted to the DG, most of which have been enacted and signed (!

aed4075ae9854eaed4630fc5c33c8981.jpgDespite the fact that Mamed Magaramovic went to Gosduma in 2013 on the federal list of candidates, the Russian Federation, he did not lose contact with the electors. In December last year, he was even celebrated in the State of "the largest number of thanks received from the voters"... This year, the Abasov, with the political weight already earned for the first round, could follow the list of ERs, as it did last time, but he preferred a more horny, but more approaching to the people, to be candidates in a single-member district.

For Mamed Abasov's policy, it's now in the blossom of strength that he's 51. And with federal powers, he could do a lot not only for his electoral district, but also for the Republic as a whole. In addition to the legislative process, in the past few years, Abasov has been able to carry out many large and small cases in Dagstan.

A quarter of apartment building is being built in Mahakal on Krasnoyar Street.3S1A6526.jpg The apartment in one of the houses was given by the widow of the deceased in the performance of police officer Magomeda Abakarov. Abasov not only helped with the apartment, but also promised to continue helping the family of the deceased police officer.

Or, for example, in the highest and southest locality of Russia, the Lezgin village of Kurush, the deputy is building a sports hall for rural schools. For many decades, schoolchildren have been engaged in physical education exclusively on the street and winter and summer.

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