Строительство дачи в СНТ


Строительство дач под ключ: дачные домики из бруса и каркасно-щитового типа.It's a good way to build a dacha.

Cracking: long-distance bruise and carcass-protection. The growing desire of the city to become owners of its own corner of nature has stepped up the direction of dacha construction. Of course, not all have financial reserves for the construction of a multi-storey suburban " door " , but are therefore more modest. Nevertheless, it is clear that a number of conditions are included in the notion of " crudeness " . And to be cheap, but it doesn't go the size of the conur, and it looks attractive, and that the summer of the heat of the cherries, and the winter, when it comes to the weekend, it could be warmed up quickly.

A 6x6-m long-distance carcasing house, at first glance, matching all these wishes is an archived task. There seems to be one thing that needs to be erased.Дачный каркасный дом 6х6 м. For example, leave the size and attractiveness, but remove the cheap. Either keep a low price, but give up comfort. However, specialists who are involved in the construction of gift houses are advised not to rush into the duck. There's a way out. And two wholes. All of the conditions listed are met by profiling brushes or carcass technology.Дачный домик по проекту Холм, построен в мае 2011. However, such long-distance houses, which are now well represented in the domestic construction market, have much more worth than the urban occupier.

To be sure, we'll look at the technology of the collection and the advantages of each of the types of long-term home.


Village buildings have a number of significant advantages over the rest of the buildings.

Holm's long house, built in May 2011. First of all, a tree is a natural buoyant that breathes well, so such houses don't end up in the cold season. Accordingly, even in the freeze winter of a wooden doc, we can get back in a few hours. There's no such number with a brick or a blade. We'll have to wait until the stone's out of moisture and warm.

It's 6x8 m long for the Shelon project. Second, the construction of long-distance wood houses provides them with high thermal protection features. The tree has the power to regulate the internal microclimate. That's why wooden buildings are warm in the cold and cold in summer heat. Thirdly, if you choose woody old houses, selling them will be cheaper than the same bricks.

Дачный дом 6х8 м по проекту Шелонь. Брусовой дачный дом 6,0х4,0 м. Проект Холм, июнь 2009 г. Дачный домик из профилированного бруса 6,0х7,5 м. Проект Русса. Брусовой дом 6х6 м из профилированного бруса.
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