Из чего строить дом?

Of Which To Build A House

строительство дома из блоков с утеплителем и облицовкой кирпичомBuild a house from blocks is a good idea, but building a house from blocks involves an informed choice of material for walls: foams, gas-blocks, gasoline blocks, gasoline, egg-bone blocks, broken stone, heatten, penopolisticirolbeton, or simple bricks - it's hard to clear the name, but it's harder to build.

To give detailed and red feedback on these materials, their producers are the best, but we will try to make a brief overview:

  1. Peno-locks are made from cement, sand, foam, water and all possible additives of type of stiffs. The solution is in shape and the blocks are ready after the required strength. It's not enough that any Vasia Pupkin can start doing this in his garage or in the day, and that he doesn't even know him sometimes. Even with the use of spark chambers, foams manufactured at the plant may be planted. Consequently, as a result, the disruption of geometry and cracks in the wall of the house.
  2. The gas silicon blocks are designed to be notified, silicates, sand and gas manufacturers, but the significant difference is that the set of strengths occurs in high-pressure machines, and the cutting at high-precision lasers and the installation of such equipment in the garage is already problematic and the quality control of such production will be higher. Another advantage is that, with the same density of foams, the compression strength is still lower than the gas osilicanes.
  3. Thermosten is a three-layer material with ready decorative facade layer, warmer, and a layer of porous ceramzitobeton. All of these above-mentioned materials can be described as bundles of egg concrete (gasobeton).
  4. Porn stone or a warm stone or ceramobile or a broken ceramic block is all the name of the same glina incinerated with powdering material, such as foam polystyrene, which, when burned, forms the pores.
  5. Penopolistirolbeton blocks are manufactured from powder, cement and resin, although foam is certified material and allowed for construction, but only with large violin.
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