Из какого материала строить

Of What Material To Build A House

The choice of material is paramount in the construction of the house. It depends how long he's been simplic, and how comfortable and safe to live in it. To find out, what? The house is better built.Let's see every type of material.

Houses from the brass look efficient and expensive, and the smell of wood always attracts buyers. The brushe used to be the most common building material, but now it is much less advanced than modern technology. Nevertheless, he has a lot of undeniable advantages. First, the bruising carcas is much easier than the rest of the materials, so it can be substantially saved on the foundation and put it on the soft ground. Second, the tree is missing oxygen. Life in this house doesn't compare to concrete walls, it's easy to breathe and sleep. Thirdly, the wood holds the heat, and even the strong freezes you won't freeze.

The tree is costly, but given the savings on the foundation, the separation of walls, the cost of transport and assembly, the funds invested justify themselves. In addition, the heating of a wooden house requires less energy.

Carcasian wood houses are easily cleared, so if necessary, you can move to any place with your home.

Now we'll talk about the shortcomings of the wooden house. One of the main minus is a landing process that lasts three years. Since the material is natural, sometimes the reverse situation occurs, the house can rise, which affects repairs and brings news to a lot of problems.

Many refuse to build a wooden house because of the high risk of fire. But if it doesn't stop you, you need to carefully consider the fire safety system, put the sensors and process the house with special means.

Drevesina requires special care and additional costs for pest control and rotting.

Let's go to concrete houses. If you wonder, What kind of house is cheaper to buildthe answer is clear from the concrete. Such facilities are very heavy, they need a massive foundation: either monolithic or ribbon at the depth of the soil. So it's gonna be big.

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