Каркасно-щитовой дом

Of Which Blocks To Build A House

The house built from the stone looks secure and prestigious. He's easily resistant to raw materials and fire, protected from cold and noise, and he has a high level of durability. One question remains: " What is it to build? " The word " stoning " once meant a natural sample very heavy and difficult to process.Блоки для строительства дома Later, list of which materials build a house.expanded: created substitutes, brick and concrete, with their undeniable virtues and shortcomings. The latter include expensive construction materials, labour-intensive maintenance, overexpenditure of solvent components. The construction of a private small cottage of ready iron concrete panels is virtually impractical because of the high price and complexity of the carriage and assembly of stoves.

House building blocks

There has been another, most modern option, without the shortcomings of the predecessors and suitable for small-scale construction. New materials are produced by the vibration technology of cement-containing mixtures.Виды блоков These are so-called concrete blocks that differ in their physical and mechanical characteristics and appearance depending on the main filler. In practical terms, their economic feasibility has been demonstrated in relation to the standard brick, namely, the increased volume, with small weight, reduces the cost and timing of installation work, and also significantly reduces the flow of cement cement.

Types of blocks

Most people in the design phase of their peri-urban housing are difficult to choose the best material. The construction market now has several types of artificial stones for construction.Газосиликатные блоки They differ in scope, method of laying, production technology.

The following blocks are most commonly used to build houses:

  • Peneton;
  • Petrol;
  • Ceramic concrete;
  • Arbolite blocks;
  • Polysirolbeton;
  • Oilkobeton;
  • scoops.

We'll look at the most popular species.

Gaseous units

Пенобетонные блоки

Composition: silica connector, foam.

The principal plus the product is its thermal characteristics. The gasoline itself is a conveniencer. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of the structure: 0, 15 - 0, 3 W/m °C.

Method of installation: The lining shall be fixed to a special adhesive composition or cement pest solution.

Pay attention! It is not recommended that these units be used to build heavy loads and walls. They are used more often in protective structures.
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