Брусовой дом цена в московской

Coward House

Link:100x150 mm in rib.
Field legs:50x150 mm in 70 cm.
1st floor walls:Strict profiling brus 95x145 mm, on the jute plain, the partitions are 95x145 mm.
Walls and partitions of the 2nd floor:Frontons and walls of partition shall be packed with a car of camouflage. Mensard warming is the ISOVER Mineral Wat with a 100 mm password thickness; partitions (40x100, 40x50) with no convenience.
Height:The height of the first floor is 2, 4 m (18 rows), 2, 3 m.
Windows:Wooden with double glazing, with flour, cashed, size 1, 0x1, 2 m.
Doors:Filled (cameral drying) cashed, free of foam, size 2x0, 8 m.
Blood:Ondulin (for choice: red, green, brown).
Stroyl:A 40x100m cut-off, 20 mm cut-off.
Gender:Double: black - 20 mm cut-off, clean - 36 mm bagged cushion, with passwordhydrotic insulation and operability Isover (100 mm)
Blights and
External angles:
They're stitched by a car of homogeneous cushion, 300 to 400 mm wide.
Lecture:Wooden with feathers and ballads. Starting cell cushion poles.
Inter-fair:It's a lit jute.
Inner corners of rooms:
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