Дом из бруса, фото

Bros House Photos

The North Twenty-first Century Company proposes the construction of houses from a glue brushe with 140x160, 140x202, 185x202, 185x242 mm with different sections. Our coward is made of northern wood using clean glue. The operational and aesthetic properties make the glue brushe perfect for the low-cost construction of elite cottages and Finnish houses.

Maximum length 12 m.Plus:
  • 10-12 % moisture;
  • No need for a potato;
  • Essential interface for installation;
  • Can be used without separation;
  • Inexpensive cost of brushe;
  • Construction in Moscow in short time

Catalogue of houses from glued brushes

Construction houses under the barrel key ное To date, the most appropriate direction for the development of a wooden house. The characteristics of such structures are strength, sustainability, virtually complete lack of landing, comfort and clean environment in the premises.

For 15 years, we've been specializing in this section. During this time, we have received sufficient experience to carry out European-level orders. The use of modern Swedish-Finish technologies as well as the equipment of recognized European producers (Germany, Taiwan, USA) allows the production of high-quality glue brushes. We were able to develop projects, both elite houses from the brushe and cheap Finnish houses. Order a house in our company, and the smooth work of our specialists ensures that projects are carried out in a short time (1-2 months).

Special features of the construction of a brushe in Moscow

  • An enabling microclimate is being created
  • Accommodation implemented within a short time frame
  • The material is virtually non-deformable
  • Stability, strength and rigid geometry of forms
  • No need for separation (both inside and outside)
  • Acceptable price
  • At the time of construction, there are many possibilities for individual design.

Cost of construction in Moscow

Cost of a wall set of glued bruis with cups and spaz under construction - 27,000
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